What's the best place to start here on the forum?

Hi everyone!

I’m hyper super newbie when it comes to Juce or programming in general.
I’ve been watching some YouTube videos from The Audio Programmer channel and I would like to start creating simple audio plugins.

I know some super basic Javascript, so looking at other code is not something completely unfamiliar. Each language has specific ways of saying/doing the same thing, but I can look at some of them and kinda understand what’s happening, so it’s not that I’m 100% new when it comes to how code works, if that makes sense…
Basically what I mean is that I understand what variables are, some simple math equations, conditions, etc, and I somehow understand how the structure of a script kinda works. I just don’t know the specifics of each framework and all that.

If I have super basic questions that would probably annoy very experienced developers here on the forum, where should I start? Is this Getting Started category the best place for that?

Thank you!

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I’d start with the Juce tutorials:

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For C++ almost every newbie question has a response on StackOverflow.
For DSP/RealTime questions, the best place to start is the search engine.
There’s already a bunch of interesting links into the archives.
And at the end just ask.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:
Yes, I was looking at those as well, but I know I will have those “obvious” questions and was wondering if this Get Started category would be the best place to ask them. I know that some super basic stuff can be “annoying” to those who have years and years of experience :wink:

Appreciate the time!

Thanks! I believe I have an account at StackOverflow. Gotta check that.

When you say “the search engine”, you mean Google, right?
Or are you talking about something else that I’m missing?

And yeah, I’m all about asking stuff when I don’t know it. I just don’t want to come to a place where people discuss super advanced stuff that took them years to learn and start asking super simple things… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, Google, or even the JUCE forum’s search.

IMHO what is annoying is not simple things questions.
Even a very experienced user can spend few minutes to help.
I learned all what i know from scratch with Google and asking in forums!

The problem comes with indecipherable chunks of complex wrong codes exploding reader’s head. When newbies don’t search alone first, don’t read the responses, and start to shout on volunteers. If you make minimum clear examples, with a clear (short) text to explain your problem, you have good chances to get a valuable response. The rule is to spend as much time to write your question that you expect people to spend onto the response (and it can be hours).

And concerning your original question:

I don’t think that much people cares about the category.

Ok great! I will check that. Thanks!

I totally understand that and I tend to be the opposite. I tend to be very “surgical” with my questions and even send screenshots, images, videos, etc, because I know the person on the other side may not fully understand what I mean.

Yeah, I noticed that all threads go to the main “feed” anyway, right? I just don’t want to flood the main feed where most threads are advanced level threads, with super basic questions. But yeah, I will make sure that I will think about my questions and do my research before posting.

Thank you so much for your time and help! :slight_smile:

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