Where is libjuce.a libjucedebug.a? OS X

I am trying to build the Juce flavor of the Create Signal Library.

Specially I need the libjucedebug.a lib file.

I followed the instructions on the install doc where it said make a simple Juce project with Introjucers and then import that simple project into the ‘External Frameworks and Libraries’ section of XCode for the Larger project. Then expand the Juce project and move the lib files into the larger project.

I have done that, but I cannot seem to find the lib files.

I am trying to figure out what I missed, but I followed the instructions exactly. Anyone have any suggestion where else I should look for the lib files or how I can build them specifically?



The files you’re looking for have probably been removed… that library you’re using is requiring JUCE 1.50. The current version is well beyond that (Version 2.0.27).

Yup… that is it.


But Thanks