Windows+mingw+eclipse project

I usually use JUCE with Windows, Eclipse and MinGW.
I have a base workspace with the “hello world” project provided by Jules in JUCE.
The project compiles and works. I link to executable a .rc file that include an icon and some version info.
In “release” build, then make a strip to reduce executable size.

Jules, are you interested in this?
How could I share it with comunity?
May I send you a zip with de workspace?


Thanks, and please share it with the community, that’d be great. I can’t offer to support it myself though - I already have more target platforms than I can keep up with, and adding another thing to test would be too much of a burden.

OK, I have prepared a 4shared upload.
The link is:

If you have any problems with download, let me know.

Might be nice to post this under the new wiki? Would that be possible?

Please could you re-upload the project.