Xcode 11 - Missing entitlements file for target

I just switched from Xcode 10 to 11 and enabled Use Hardened Runtime. Everything compiles, but I’m getting "Target Integrity - Missing entitlements file for target " for each plugin type and my standalone app.

Do I need to create a blank entitlements file? Or is Projucer (5.4.6) supposed to do that?

The Projucer should generate an entitlements plist. Maybe double-check that the project has been resaved under JUCE 5.4.6

I did, and still no luck. I ended up checking Runtime JIT, saving, then turning it off and resaving. That seemed to do it.

Projucer doesn’t do that for all targets since Projucer: Only add Xcode entitlements file to targets which require it · juce-framework/JUCE@3a2480b · GitHub, which was a bit surprising to me, since I thought it was fixing the issue that @pizzafilms is experiencing (and which was reported first in Projucer projects do not build in Xcode 11).

Yeah this was my bad. I’ve pushed a fix in f530adf and we’ll be doing a point release sometime early this week to fix some other issues so this will get into the master branch and downloads soon.

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