XCode 5 and VSTs

Hi there,


I am completely new to JUCE but see great potential in it. I have just started trying to build my first plugin using the Introjucer + XCode 5 + OSX 10.8.5 (yes 10.8.5, it's a long story that ends in sadface...). So far I haven't had a great deal of trouble getting it to run however, when I attempt to use the cross platform developement capabilities of JUCE I get issues of missing headers. After a bit of digging these issues were fixed through changing the paths. There weren't many paths to change I was just wondering if anyone knew where JUCE automatically looks for these as I thought it would look in the Modules folder but since public.sdk and plugininterfaces were both in there it seems it looks elsewhere....

edit: It seems that having public.sdk and plugininterfaces in the Modules folder isn't enough to get the introjucer to add them to the project, does anyone know of a way for these to be imported automatically?



if you open the demo plugin Introjucer project you'll see the default location under each exporter. I think on OSX it's: