Xcode subprojects used to build as dependencies...?

Xcode sub-projects used to build as dependencies or am I tripping?

I believe they must be explicitly configured as such in the “Dependencies” phase of the “Build phases” tab for your top-level target (and possibly also add their build products for linking in the “Link with Libraries” phase if they produce libraries)

Yes - but as soon as you re-save .jucer file “Dependencies” phase setting disappears. So either Projucer did not remove that setting in the past after the user set it up in Xcode or Projucer used to add the phase.

I’ve just upgraded to Big Sur 11.1 and Xcode 12.3 and to the latest version of juce (re-building Projucer etc.) and our entire setup is broken now.

I only did these updates in trying to resolve an arm64 (M1) mac mini crash that only occurs when compiling our app for arm64 on an M1. x86_64 builds under rosetta2 run great - but this is another topic that I’ll kick off once I’ve had more time to investigate arm64 vs x86_64 on Apple Silicon.

Quick update on this…

Xcode sub-project(s) stopped building automatically after the “New Build System” was introduced in Xcode. I’ve enabled “Use Legacy Build System” inside Projucer for now and the subproject now builds automatically when I kick off a build form the main project.

Have to read up on this “New” (not so new) Xcode build system…

Thank you for reporting - this was an unintentional regression.

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Thanks @t0m, we’ll give it a go and report back if there’re any issues.