YouTube Tutorial Series for JUCE beginners

Hey everybody,

I’m Skytrias, I produce music as a hobby and I love to program.
Through producing I’m really interested in the code behind VSTs. But sadly
there is not a lot content about vst developement and juce, imo the most known
framework in this field, thats up to date. The juce tutorials are nice but dont go
indepth into dsp, etc.

I want to change that and my idea is to make a series on this matter.
I’ve recorded 3 episodes so far, covering the Audio Application with GUI basics
and Audio Output, the AudioSampleBuffer and what it does (was unclear to me as a
beginner) and in ep3 I went into VST developement with the juce host and reflected
on what we had learned so far.

Now I’m interested to hear what you think of a series on juce. Personally I’ve always
missed such videos as a beginner, to atleast see someone code with juce. This
is mainly why I’m doing the series and also it makes we want to learn even more.

In the future I will structure what i want to achieve in each episode and edit more. I have even thought of livestreaming long sessions once i get into more difficult parts where i need to research a lot.
What do you think a beginner should start to learn in vst developement first?

Leave your thoughts :slight_smile:

Heres the playlist with the first 3 videos:

GitHub code:


Wow, thanks! I consider myself beginner-intermediate with DSP and JUCE(beginner) so these are truly welcome and I will watch everything you make on the subject. :slight_smile:

I will comment back after I have watched them.

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Took a look. Just constructive, if you are offering as a tutorial, try to have your topics outlined and tested. For beginners, the word tutorial would mean a lot of definitive steps (less backspace keys). :wink:

On the other hand, if you don’t have that much experience with JUCE, you could say it’s more an intermediate’s journey through the framework, which is valuable to beginners also because they see your thought process.

Either way, thanks for sharing because there are always beginners and seasoned programmers(like myself) that feel like I am a beginner again with the JUCE framework. :slight_smile:

thats right this is all based upon my experience so far with juce. im in no way an expert but yeah like you said this is going to be more of a journey :smiley:

quick update:
im streaming juce programming, once i got into new tutorial topics i will cover them on youtube.

sadly the stream vod is getting flagged cuz of music.
twitch seems to be still fine tho,

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Thanks Skytrias!

Your videos really gave me the feel for JUCE!
I know you don’t have much time to do the videos but I’m so glad you shared what you already have!
Oh and I love that you’re so “down to earth”, learning while teaching. And an occasional cuss word makes it all the more real :smiley:

Keep it up mate! I’m looking forward to what you have coming up next :slight_smile:
God bless!

im happy to see the feedback on the forum and on some of the videos :slight_smile: however as ive stated in the last video the interest in juce has been sort of diminishing to me. it feels like im more interested in game design. i could do some videos on me programming games in juce but i think thats rather uninteresting to the most, also it makes more sense to simply use game engines like unity.

it feels really cumbersome to me to learn dsp stuff. i feel like there should be a more natural way to learn

I’m also learning myself!
Working on creating a VST for the company I’m working in and wouldn’t mind passing on what I learne so you could use it for your videos.
I’ve also made a few games with Unity (Tower defense, 2048, tic-tac-toe, etc). If you want i can dig up my code and share it for you to learn and use in your tutorials.
But as for Unity tutorials there are 100s out there. As for JUCE very few. So i think you would get more clients if you stuck with JUCE :slight_smile:


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Yeah but Unity is Apples and Oranges to JUCE. The use cases are completely different. Unity is a pure game engine but JUCE is a framework abstraction for C++ multi platform development.

I haven’t seen any games made with JUCE, but haves seen 10,000+ with Unity. :slight_smile:

I do think it comes down to, if you want to make games, use a game engine. If you want to make an application that is performant and maybe utilize VST and MIDI/OSC, JUCE is a great choice.

You mean Apples and Oranges to Pink Grapefruits? :wink: SCNR
Our JUCE based music engine will (fingers crossed) soon be available as a unity plugin…
That way we reuse a lot of our codebase in various environments…

But back to the topic @Skytrias, deciding what one wants to dedicate his life is a very personal choice, nobody can help with that.
But I wish you all the best either way. I hope it wasn’t the community that brought you down…

Yes exactly, I should have been more clear, UI wise Unity is a game engine with sprites. I have used Unity since 3 and really what I was trying to say is all frameworks have strengths and weaknesses(ready made things for the use case).

Enthusiasm is what keeps the world turning, so yeah the heart and passion will lead you in the right direction.

I’m really happy with how honest you guys are with this feedback. I think what daniel said is really important, I’m not really sure what to dedicate my “programming life” to. I for one just found c++ as a language really interesting, but it feels really outdated, ie on using external libraries for everything. I’ve been going through different languages lately but I dont really see anything that would really hook me to that language.

As to the gaming dedication I’m rather surprised on how much game engines take away from the user.

Why should it have been the community? I think there’s interest for videos like this and even inside this rather “small” forum it got love. I hope the videos helped some people, hope the juce team is continuing their tutorials and wish you guys a good future :slight_smile:


Your tutorials are very useful to begin with JUCE and C++ … :sunny: