Ableton on Yosemite problems

Hello all, several customers are reporting that my synth plugin refuses to show up in either the Audio Unit or VST lists in Ableton on Yosemite. I’m using the latest release of the JUCE master branch.

I’ve read a slightly older thread that suggests problems here, but I can’t find anything conclusive. I’m in the process of downloading a pirate distro of Yosemite so I can do further tests on a VM, but since that will take a while, has anybody experienced anything similar?

I have asked these customers to validate the AU with auval, and it passes validation.

Edit: I should note that the plugin loads and works fine in both VST & AU formats in Ableton 9.6 on my El Capitan machine.

That previous thread you mention was only about AU. The fact that VST is also affected makes me suspicious – are you sure you have set the deployment target correctly? Apologies if you’re way ahead of me, but you can try:

otool -l /path/to/plugin/dylib | grep -A 3 LC_VERSION_MIN_MACOSX

to make sure you are supporting older OSes. Regrettably, XCode defaults to the current OS as deployment target…

Well I now have a Yosemite machine up and running, and it works fine for me on Live 9.1. Which makes me think that it may not be a JUCE related problem after all. I have asked these customers to check permissions etc. but no luck yet. I’m really stumped on this one.

A lot of our users had the same issue. In most cases it helps when the user disables and re-enables VST and AU plugins in the properties of ableton live.