Beginner help - gl/Gl.h not found and others. (Windows)

Hi, I’m a beginner trying to get into using Juce so I opened one of the example projects to take a look at the code layout etc but it won’t let me run or build. I then tried just creating empty projects but that won’t work either! I have clean installed Juce and visual studio 2017 twice now and that still won’t fix it.
Some help would be appreciated! Here are the errors that I think are stopping the build:

The wininet.h file should be installed if you selected the C++ workload option in the Visual Studio installer and it should be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\some windows 10 SDK version\um - can you check this directory and see if it’s there?

Can you also try building the project in Visual Studio by pressing the save and open in IDE button here:


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Thanks! Yeah I went back to the visual studio installer and ticked all the boxes that said anything about c++! Seemed to work! Thanks!

Change Windows Target Platform in Live Build Settings to newer one.