Builds not getting copied to plugin folder


I’m diving back into juce after a long while and I’m getting stuck at this very annoying roadblock. I’m attempting making a simple clipping plugin but when I build, the .component does not appear in my Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components folder however it does get built in the /Builds folder of the juce project. Seems like such a basic thing but i really don’t know what I’m missing.
The export paths seem to be set up correctly in the projucer.
And I have set my build target as such.
And here is the target membership for each of my source files
What am I missing here? I really do not fancy manually copying the build each time I want to test.



Is the “Enable Plugin Copy Step” option enabled in both configurations of the Xcode exporter?

yep, still set to default. Just made this project today.

Is it possible that it is a problem with permissions? I need to enter my admin password when I manually copy the .compnent in.

Your home folder shouldn’t ask for permissions but if it does - then yeah this could be the issue.

Yes, sounds like Xcode doesn’t have permission to copy the plugin to the correct location. On my system, I have read/write/execute permissions set for “owner”. You can check the permissions by running ls -la ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/ and checking the Components line.

I see, this is the result of that query
I’m unsure how to interperet this. I would assume this means that the user “dario” (which I am logged in as, and is also set as Admin) has permissions.

Weird, that’s what I see here too. Perhaps that means that the permissions issues originate elsewhere, but I’m not sure where that could be.

You could try following the instructions here to set yourself as the owner of the Components directory and to ensure you have read/write access. However, I’m not sure whether this will have any effect given that the directory permissions already appear to be correct.

It appears that there are multiple Components folders. This is where it is getting built.
Instead of
Which is where my DAW searches for plugins. It makes sense but I find this to be pretty strange behaviour

Most DAWs will search both of those locations by default, or will have a setting to enable the ‘User’ location.

Ah i see, so it looks as though my daw is indeed finding it. However for some reason it is showing up under the company name “Wings” instead of “yourcompany” as I expected which I find most irregular
Is this a new thing?
*Fire is an open source distortion plugin made with juce
I have tried changing the Company name in the projucer but this is not reflected when compiled

Plugins with a unique company name also need a unique Manufacturer Code. Make sure that the manufacturer codes of plugins with the company name ‘yourcompany’ is different to the manufacturer codes of plugins with the company name ‘Wings’.

I see, but is there any reason in particular they are listed under the name “Wings”. Seems like somewhat of a random choice. Is this a new default?

No; my guess is that one of your plugins has/had the company name “Wings”, and that got cached by Live or by the system. You could try making sure that none of your plugins have this company name, and then forcing a plugin rescan in Live.