Debugging on iPad: "Could not attach process"

I’m having an issue trying to debug my AUv3 instrument plugin on iOS. The standalone app works properly and I can use Xcode’s debugger, but when I try to debug the plugin in GarageBand or AUM, I get "Could not attach to process xxx: attach failed (not allowed to attach to process). I can’t find anything useful in the Console either.

The crazy thing is that I had this working a few months ago.

I’m running Xcode 14.2 on Ventura 13.2.1 and an iPad Pro running 16.3.1.

I’m fairly sure the AUv3 runs in a separate process, so you need to attach to that process rather than to GarageBand.

I’m nearly positive that a few months ago when I did this for the first time, it was incredibly easy and obvious. And, I know for a fact that I attached to GarageBand then. Now, there is no GarageBand process, just MobileGarageBand. Hmmm….