#include */*.mm file not found after upgrade to Mac Mojave

Hi all,

I’m getting a compilation error for the majority of the .mm files in my JUCE projects. I’m currently working on two and they both fail to build because of this error.

Could anyone provide any guidance?

JuceLibraryCode/include_juce_video.mm:9:10: 'juce_video/juce_video.mm' file not found
JuceLibraryCode/include_juce_opengl.mm:9:10: 'juce_opengl/juce_opengl.mm' file not found
JuceLibraryCode/include_juce_gui_extra.mm:9:10: 'juce_gui_extra/juce_gui_extra.mm' file not found


Have you upgraded to Xcode 10? There is an issue where it can’t deal with paths containing the ~ character which could be what you’re seeing. There’s a fix on the develop branch, so you’ll need to recompile the Projucer with it and re-save the project.

Yes. I’m on Xcode 10 and I just recompiled the develop Projucer build and I’m still experiencing the same problems.

Please let me know if I can supply anything that would make this easier from your perspective… I am simply getting errors like the above for various modules that are a part of JUCE.

Are you getting those errors for all projects? If you just create a new blank template from the Projucer does it still have the errors?

Yes I am getting this for all my projects. However, when I create new projects everything works as it should.

If new projects are working correctly then the issue must be with the search paths for the modules being different - compare the two project files and see how the modules are added and the search paths that are being used.

Stupid mistake on my part. Thanks for your time… really appreciated and sorry to have wasted… all working now.

I’m having the same problem, would you tell us what you did? Thanks


Go to Modules. Pick a module. Select the correct path to JUCE/modules.
Then, click on the configuration gear. Select the module with the correct path. Use Set paths for all modules…