Info.plist Missing When Sharing Plugin

Hi, I am working on a plugin with a collaborator online, and when I send them the plugin it does not work on their computer. I am a sharing it as a VST which we are running in Ableton. It runs fine on my computer, but when the VST file is installed to their “/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/” it is not found by Ableton. When they try building it from the Xcode project they get the following error:

error: The file “Info.plist” doesn’t exist.

Which is strange because Info-VST.plist is plainly visible in the project folder. Any idea what might be causing this?


The usual suspects are:

  1. architecture mismatch - you are building for 32-bit but Ableton is running as a 64-bit process
  2. you are using the dynamic runtime and the user didn’t install the correct version of the C++ runtime redistributable. Link your plugin with a static runtime.

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