JUCE 4.0 is live!

Well, it's been a lot of work, and a long day today, but JUCE V4.0 is finally online!

Loads of new features:

  - Initial release of the Projucer!
  - Full OSC support!
  - Android Studio exporting from the Introjucer
  - Android-M pro-audio low-latency i/o support
  - Bluetooth MIDI device support on iOS and Android
  - AudioSampleBuffer refactored into a templated class AudioBuffer, to allow 32 or 64 bit float support
  - Audio plugin and hosting now supports 64-bit data
  - Support for force-touch and pen pressure on iOS and Windows
  - Added easy sound-file playing methods to AudioDeviceManager
  - Many updates to Introjucer
  - Many new tutorials and examples