MultiOutSynth tutorial standalone crash

From the .zip downloaded here:
Compiled with the latest develop branch, the standalone build runs fine in Windows 7, but crashes upon start in Mac 10.11.6.
Didn’t test plugin builds. Had tried selecting “Plugin MIDI Input” as specified in the tutorial but no difference. I’ve built some standalone plug-in projects from default template and other tutorials without issue, only this one crashes.

This should be fixed on the develop branch now with commit f21d140.

Tried the fix but still crash the same.
Funnily I found an alternative version under /JUCE/examples/Plugins that works. So it must be something differs them that causes the crash.

Found the problem.
The crash happens when getting the resource file. Example version use getExamplesDirectory() to consistently locate the file from JUCE folder, but the tutorial version use getCurrentWorkingDirectory(), which I think does not default to build-folder on Mac.

Did you follow the warning in the tutorial:

If using the PIP version of this project, please make sure to copy the Resources folder into the generated Projucer project.

You’ll need to copy the “Resources” folder that is in the download into the Projucer project.

The warning states PIP version, I used zipped version and generate project as-is from jucer file.

Using the tutorial code with getCurrentWorkingDirectory() I had to copy the resource folder to hard-disk root directory to get it working.

To locate the file in project folder, changing line 91:
auto dir = File::getCurrentWorkingDirectory();
auto dir = File::getSpecialLocation (File::SpecialLocationType::currentApplicationFile);
solved the problem for me.

These two threads also confirm what I found with getCurrentWorkingDirectory() on Mac.

I can confirm that this is still an issue. Downloaded the PIP from the tutorial today. Included the Resources folder as instructed in the Projucer Project folder. Crash.

Moved the Resources folder to the root of the hard drive. No crash.