Project won't build on macOS 10.13.2

Hi - Just had macOS update to 10.13.2.

My project which built yesterday is now failing to build with messages “AVCaptureDeviceType is not available on macOS” and “AVCaptureOutputDataDroppedReason is not available on macOS”.

I’m not using any AV stuff at all. It is a basic UI app designed to run on both Mac and PC.

What is the best way of getting rid of that stuff so it builds? If I try to edit the offending headers the editor tells me changes may not be saved…

Have a look in the modules section, if you have the juce_video package selected.
If so, deselecting it, click “Save project” and reload it in your IDE and rebuilding might solve that.

If not, this dependency might have slipped somewhere else in, in which case it could be a bug…

Thanks - I removed the video module (I couldn’t see a way of just deselecting it). It now builds with a deprecation (below), but it builds and runs so that’s okay.

I should have mentioned I am also now using Xcode to 9.2.

I was also required to raise the minimum deployment target to 10.6 within Xcode. This seems to be preserved even when reloading from Projucer, so I am not quite sure where it is stored in the Projucer project as it does not appear in the settings.

This is the deprecation I am left with…: libstdc++ is deprecated; move to libc++ with a minimum deployment target of OS X 10.9 [-Wdeprecated]

It is set per configuration, so you can have different ones in your project:

Ah yes, thanks - I was looking in “settings” not “exporters”.

A useful feature is that if I select deployment to 10.9 I can leave the C++ library on default, it seems Xcode then defaults to the non deprecated lib. Setting an older target brings back the deprecated library - which might be handy if it turns out that any customer has an old OSX version, at least until Apple remove support for that.

Thanks again for the help - saved a lot of time searching around…