Projucer account creation bug


I just downloaded Juce from your website. Unzipped to a folder on my Windows 10 PC and guessed, perhaps that should have been made clear, I should run the “Projucer.exe”.

It prompted me to login or crate an account. But somebody from JUCE needs to test this on a few Windows 10 computers because it is all messed up!

For one text and graphic background near bottom of register page is misaligned, and when scrolling down there the program went unresponsive for about a minute.

While waiting I looked in my taskbar, and saw two Projucer icons. Clicking on the second, I got tot a screen that was behind main, and prompted me to do something about adding JUCE to path, however none of the three choice buttons worked.

Next after I created an account I see the following screen, all text completely misaligned, AND it also went unresponsive for about a minute before I could do anything!

Clicking “Your account details” I get to a screen with a script error!?!

WOW - Do you guys not support Windows 10?

This gives a very poor first impression of your product and its capabilities.

Yes, of course we test on Windows 10. Unfortunately the web browser uses an embedded IE ActiveX component under the hood so the problem may be because you have an old installation of IE that needs to be updated, there is some information in this thread for how to update it.

If it’s still not working, you can compile the Projucer in GPL mode by enabling the JUCER_ENABLE_GPL_MODE in Projucer/Juce Library Code/AppConfig.h and then you won’t need to log in to use the application.

At all costs I try to avoid having anything to do with Internet Explorer. I think a lot of people are actually using Chrome or Firefox.

First, welcome to the forums!

What you’re saying and expecting is really not how embedded browsers work at all. JUCE uses the native C++ browser provided by the OS libraries where available. On Windows - it’s a web layer surrounding IE, which nobody has control over.

What I am saying, or what I mean, is that even though I am using a Microsoft operating system, by necessity because most of the software I use is Windows based, is that I despise the company, in this case for their crap bloatware. Every time there is a Windows update I run a WindowsDebloater app to get rid of Cortana, Xbox, and all other unnecessary stuff, and if I could I would totally get rid of all Internet Explorer files. What I am also saying is that, if possible Projucer should not rely on an already perhaps installed component on their computer in order to work properly. It must be possible to create web browsing functionality without relying on something they have no control over. Anyways this was just a problem on the first few “web” pages, and nothing that seems to hinder that I am actually able to create a project.

You seriously underestimate the insanity that entails supporting loading web pages in a native C++ application, let alone in a consistent cross-platform way!

Glad you were able to create a project.


std::web_view anyone…

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