Projucer's annoying features

We have a lot of projects on the go, sometimes ours and sometimes our clients. One of them, for complicated reasons, is still running JUCE 4.

Can future Projucers please either…

  • Allow several versions of itself to load at once!
  • Not display dialogs on loading: variously i get version warnings, update announcements and login windows

There are only so many times I need to know about a new version of JUCE being available in a day!

Ta muchly :slight_smile:


Oddly enough I get that top message even though I am running the version ‘compiled directly from the JUCE repository I’m working with’!!!

We have a script in each repo that does the build before running it!

I really wish there was some sort of setting about whether or not to show the update warnings, I had to edit our copy of the Projucer source to take out that popup :slight_smile:


+1 to putting a limit on the upgrade reminder (once a week max, perhaps?). I see it and close it every day because I run multiple versions of JUCE for multiple projects (JUCE 4.1 - JUCE 5.4).

Well I think better than a dialog it could display a little red upgrade notice in the top corner and not do a modal dialog at all :wink:


+1 for a red upgrade notice in the top corner, though a limit on the reminder frequency would be great as a minimum.

We made a few improvements to the Projucer’s autoupdater feature a few days ago here and one of the changes was to add “Don’t ask again” option to the popup.


Will my saved ‘don’t ask again’ will be overwritten everytime i have to load my JUCE 4 project though? :slight_smile:

How about a zero pop-up strategy … ? :slight_smile:

I just had three starting the project, one to tell me about my global paths, one with a login box and one about JUCE updates… !! Oh hang on, was there one about data collection too, maybe 4…!