Online API Inheritance Diagram error

It is no longer possible to look at the inheritance diagram in the JUCE online API. At least not under Firefox on Windows 7.

For example:
Take a look at the following documentation:

Try to click on the “Inheritance diagram for AudioAppComponent”: Nothing happens. No inheritance diagram is shown.

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This was reported several times…

Two guys, Samuel and bill-auger have prepared up-to-date doxygen docs, one for the dayshift:
and one for the nightshift:

Maybe by discussing if bright or dark background is better, they forgot to fix it…

and as side notes in several other threads…

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I was about to post about the inheritance diagram too. Doesn’t work with any browser on Windows 7 or OS-X 10.10 here.

Neither does the search, tested on Mac OSX 10.10 on firefox, safari and chrome, none works.
Another user reported that the javascript involved fails or is missing or anything (I’m no web gui).

Ah, I see. It is a known issue? Then hopefully the JUCE team is aware and we can expect a fix soon :slight_smile:

It does need fixing, but best current solution imho is to install doxygen and generate local docs from the source. That way you can also carry the docs around with you if / when you’re working offline. :grin:

Seems a little silly that we constantly have to send people to two third party sites whenever users make complaints or enquires about the state of the current online docs. I’ve said it before, but why oh why can’t JUCE host doxygen generated docs on the JUCE github page?